Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SVTP Accepted into the Stanford University StartX Accelerator Program

Silicon Valley Technology Partners (SVTP) recently was invited to join the prestigious StartX Accelerator, an educational non-profit that accelerates the development of Stanford's top entrepreneurs through experiential education and collective intelligence.  SVTP is also qualified to participate in the Stanford-StartX Fund, which provides 10% of a venture capital investment round over $500,000 led by professional investors.

Doug Ricket, SVTP Founder
Doug Ricket, SVTP Founder
SVTP Founder Doug Ricket is enthusiastic about the opportunity, saying “StartX is a phenomenal non-profit that has helped over 160 companies find and fulfill their full potential from product development to distribution to end user experience. We are excited about the next step in the development of the SVTP product line with StartX.”

Ricket completed his MBA from Stanford University, an affiliation that allowed for SVTP to apply to the highly competitive program, which is funded by the University to help businesses just like Ricket’s.  Ricket also holds a Masters Degree from MIT and five patents.

“We apply human-centered thinking to emerging markets in the form of energy-producing products like our motorcycle-to-phone charger, our solar powered phone charger and high quality power banks,” said Ricket.  “Our product innovation, when combined with the expertise and energy of StartX, will only continue to blossom. We intend to change the lives of the billions of hand-held phone users whose access to electricity is unreliable. By enabling their mobile phones to charge using resources like the sun or their motorcycles for charging, our end user can be more connected to their support groups, to information about their community, or even to health care providers.”

In over four years, the StartX has received applications from over 2,600 Stanford founders comprising over 1000 companies. Of these, over 160 companies have graduated from the accelerator program, and over 80% of the participating founders’ companies are funded and growing.


Silicon Valley Technology Partners is a social enterprise from Stanford University. We design, manufacture, and distribute high-quality products that improve quality of life in the developing world.  Current products for developing countries are solar power phone chargers and motorcycle-to-phone chargers.  Power Bank products are the newest additions to the SVTP product line.

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