Monday, December 15, 2014

SVTP Releases the Innovative Motorcycle to Phone Charger

Headquartered in the United States of America’s innovative-rich Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley Technology Partners (SVTP) launches its newest product, the motorcycle-to-phone charger (M750F). 

SVTP Founder Doug Ricket said,  “We are thrilled to introduce our motorcycle-to-phone charger to the many people in the world who do not have a convenient and affordable way to charge their mobile phones while on the go.”

The innovative device pairs a common vehicle, a motorcycle, with a constant demand, charging mobile phones.  The result is an innovative, affordable charger that provides enhanced freedom of mobility and communication.  It also has many features to ensure durability:  it is made out of UV resistant plastic, a rubber cap prevents water inside, and the design seals devices after it is installed to repel water.
SVTP's Motorcycle to Phone Charger
A motorcycle taxi driver in Nigeria checks out the motorcycle to phone charger from SVTP - and realizes that it's very convenient and easy to use.

Ricket explained how the device works, “The M750 is really a plug and play charger. It works with a variety of motorcycles that have different electrical voltages.  And, it adjusts to fit any size handlebar.  The charging unit uses energy from the motorcycle electrical system, but it has built in safety features to prevent damage to the battery or to the phone.

“It’s also a do-it-yourself installation. It’s pretty straightforward.  Of the buyers we have sold to, most could install it themselves or they all knew who to go to for help; either a friend or a local mechanic,” he continued.

The M750F is currently in distribution in Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, and Malaysia,  where it is rapidly gaining in popularity.   Alieu Ismaili, a motorcycle taxi driver in Nigeria  was an early adopter of the charger.  He said, “The charger has saved me. I use it to charge my phone.  It is very easy! Before I got it, charging my phone was always a cost.  I use it on my motorcycle every day. “

“Our current retailers are realizing much success in selling the motorcycle-to-phone chargers to their customers,” remarked Ricket.   “The price point is very affordable for the local economy and the customers can quickly see the cost-benefit of the charger.  This device can be a real game changer for the many people who rely on motorcycles for transportation to their jobs, or while they work as a taxi driver, delivery driver, a supervisor checking on multiple sites, or even a messenger.”

Silicon Valley Technology Partners is building a network of distributors in East Africa, West Africa and southeast Asia.  To find out more about becoming a distribution partner, please contact SVTP at or contact Hellen Kassa at +251 939 873210. 


Silicon Valley Technology Partners is a social enterprise from Stanford University. We design, manufacture, and distribute high-quality products that improve quality of life in the developing world.  Current products for developing countries are solar power phone chargers and motorcycle-to-phone chargers.  Power Bank products are the newest additions to the SVTP product line.

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